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Looooong Day.

Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 11:48 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Oh man. Our test was moved next week. Monday to Wednesday. And then, the Jingle Contest. Ugh. Still no preparations for that even if it's already on Thursday. D:<
Okay. I admit. Our song sucks. It doesn't have any connection to Nutrition Month. Blame my stupid classmate. He's too proud and bossy. So whenever I sing that lame song, I mention "yuck".

It's really....-Really...Ugh. Eww. I don't like it. We don't stand a chance to other sections if we don't think of another song.

Early this morning, we had a mass for the celebration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I was happy it got ended early. But our stay on the gym got longer because of the blah blah blah of all the officers. It was very...dull. Yiiiiiiiikes. [I want to sleep that time but I was seated in near my adviser.]

We went back to our building, and recess for 1 hour. Yay!
After two subjects, we thought that it's already lunch. But this teacher, said we're not yet. And she was right. We had groupings, and my group, was asked to do curl-ups! [i'm pretty weak at curl-ups] (Gonna skip a part)

And I hate the lunchtime. It was sooooo short. 3o minutes?! We never had that schedule. And the recent teacher for our recent period that lunch said that we must change to our p.e. uniforms. Luckily, my friends and I were able to reach it.

3o minutes was the remaining time for our p.e. We played book balancing as our teacher [cheats] interrupt us. It was freaking annoying.

Straight after P.E., we went immediately to the bio lab. We did an experiment, without even taking a recess. It was fun. Really. [Although I went yuck! on the liver]

After dismissal, as we were going home, our car stopped. My father said that the clutch was broken and must be fixed. So my schoolmates and I have to commute, leaving our heavy bags on the car for it is not super duper necessary and my father for the man to work on it. BUT before gong home, we went first to Mcdo Bocaue. ;) We rode a tricycle [we're 7]. Four girls inside, and 3 boys in the driver's seat or at the back, I guess. And guess what? You might be wondering how did we fit inside? I sat on the ...uhmm.. what do you call this? --On the floor? Or on the ground? Whatever it is, I sat there. Most of the people we passed by were looking at me. Gah. Whatta lame. I was wearing my p.e. uniform. I guess you could count that experience on my lame stories. >_________>

I was the one who ordered our foods because I won in our game. ;) Each one of us, [4 including me volunteered] must fall in a line. Whoever's nearer at the cashier[?] will win. And so I won. Ushishishi~. Nice choice. I ordered One float[one of my favorite in Mcdo] and one cheeseburger. Yum. (SHARE;; As I was ordering, I realized the prices. The cost gets higher and higher but the foods do not. It gets smaller and smaller. My cheeseburger is really small. Big as my hands, maybe. Monay is bigger. :O )

After eating, we rode a jeep. [Pardon me for posting some random stuffs] And we walked our way to subdivision.[?] It was great to be with them. You know, bonding time. :DDD [I'm such a drama princess] The three silly boys raced to their house as we girls just walked and did some chit-chats about random stuffs. My friend Jhazmine stayed in our house for a while because nobody was at their house when she arrived, including Ellenor, though she didn't last for 15 mins. there for someone picked her up in our home. Luckily, my father was able to get home. And Jhazmine was also picked up by her parents. My father and I must give my schoolmates' bags because they might need it tonight, for reviewing. But the car won't start again. And so we just gave their bags one by one by riding our motorbike. It was frustrating.

Long and frustratin day, eh? xDDD

Oh, and about the latest chap of KHR, it REAAAALLYYYYY pissed me off but it quite impressed me. I can't believe that that's clumsy Enma-kun that I know. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! He broke the awesome VONGOLA RINGS! Okay. I admit. Shimon Famiglia is an incredibly powerful family. But of course, Vongola's the main family, so they will beat their a$$es off! I'll cross my fingers for that. Really.

Okay. This nonsense post was boring and made no sense again. I know.
Gotta end this.

Ogenki, desu ka?
I wanne be a billionaire so freaking bad~.
--- Billionaire StorMist Kid <3>

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