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Short Halloween Story that`s not even scary at all.

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I ran to his welcoming arms, and no sooner that I melted in it. Tiptoeing, I crushed my lips against him, drawing him closer.
"What was that?" he asked. "I tasted rust. Like blood."
Blood. Just wait, I thought. Before you knew it, you`re literally done.
As if on cue, some woman got hysterics out of herself, shrieking, "Some monster just drained my son of blood!"
Of course, no one believed her but me. Everyone laughed and teased but me.They think it was just a prank.
I turned back to him, already found an excuse for the taste on my lips. "My dear, are you accusing the wine? It`s a party, babe. Maybe you`re just drunk."
"Yeah. Maybe. Sooner or later, everyone will."
Yes, I thought, this will be the last party of your lives.
The moon above the dark sky produced an eerie glow to the party below, and soon enough it will be covered by thick clouds, leaving everyone in the dark. Running with a short skirt, fishnets, and high stilettos, I called, "Prince Seth! I have an amazing game in mind."
He replied with a British accent, somewhat in a tone of a drunk, "Just go on, m`lady."
And leave you alone, I thought, being the last of my preys tonight.
I went over to the stage and grabbed the microphone, first making a screeching, buzzing sound with the speakers. "Swaggers, do you want o play a deadly game tonight?
The already drunk crowd replied with hoots and laughter. Someone even dropped a glass and I smelled a tasty blood from afar. 
I put the thought away. "Rules are simple. Hide anywhere you prefer. If you`re tagged, scream loud so everyone would know one is out. Only one could bring a flashlight: the 'it'. No guys, you can`t use flashlights. And I`ll turn off the power for electricity. Only phones are allowed. Do you want to be tagged easily? Now, who wants to be the 'it'?"
Being an 'it' is not really exciting. You all alone finding more than fifty of them, unless you have something exciting idea to pull all their shoes out of their hiding places.
And to my disappointment, Seth volunteered. The crown already agreed, so I could do nothing about it. I went over to Seth, and whispered flirtatiously on his ears, "Babe, go to your room and lock your door. Don`t let anyone inside and don`t come out until I tell you so. Okay?"
He was already drunk, I could smell his breath. He just nodded and went over to the flood of people getting inside his large house.
I got the mic again and announced, "C`mon people! The game would start in 10, 9, 8, 7...."
Okay. That made them in panicked to find places to hide.

* * *
A very loud scream pierced my ears as my hands hugged the neck of a girl. I took a sip from her neck to judge if she`s worth draining. Unfortunately, no. Too much alcohol and drugs. If I feast on her, I`d be the same. Drunk and drugs. Totally no way.

"Liliane? Are you there?" I heard someone whispered at a faint voice outside. Seth`s.
WHAT? Why did he come out of his room? It would ruin the fun!
I licked off my bloody lips and wiped it with my wrist to take off any evidence I`ve been drinking. Blood, not wine.
"Oh, Seth. Why are you here?" I said innocently when I got out as he walked closer to me. "I told you to stay inside your room."
"Yes. But I heard screams and I haven`t even tagged one yet," he replied, tone`s like a worried child would produce.
I shrugged of his opinion like I was trying to swat flies away. "Oh, dear. That was me. I made it easy for you. You`re already drunk, and it would be another night for you to find all of us!"
He thought deeply of this as I faintly saw his eyebrows knitting under the eerie moonlight. "Okay, then. But can I go with you?"
"No." That was a sharp answer.
"Yes?" Seth insisted.

An eyebrow rose from his tired face. "Why?"
I pulled him closer and murmured to his ears, "Because I have a surprise for you." And bit his ear.
I felt his cheeks widen from hearing it. Utterly surprised, he lifted his hand and wiped something from the side of my lips.
Oh no. Blood stain.
Seth asked, pointing for the stain on his finger as he tasted it. "Blood?"
"I ate a cupcake." I lied.
"It tastes different."
"Babe, it`s Halloween! Of course there are special flavors. Now, let me guide you back to your room."
I was lucky enough that he didn`t asked more questions as I lead him to his bed, his arm around my shoulders to steady himself.

* * *
"What was that?!" said Seth in a panicked voice.
I smelled blood. But I repeated the question innocently. "What was what?!"
"That!" He pointed on the ground, where a body was...not moving. Even on the very faint light, there was a dark, wet spot on the ribs. Dead?
"EhmyGawd." I hissed under my breath as an act.
Seth acted fast like he didn`t drink at all. "What the..." He knelt over the body of a guy and touched his neck, checking for beats. I did the same and my fingers went over his nose. 
"He`s dead." We both said at the same time, and both are eyes widened in fear.
I mouthed to Seth, "What should we do?"
But I answered by crazy question. "Don`t you find it odd? We both heard a lot of screams already, and I only found two. And it`s so silent it`s creeping me out."
Seth looked around and considered it. "Yeah. There`s got to be a killer around."
"But how do we find him?" Oops. "Or her?"

"Let`s check the ground floor."
Perfect. I didn`t even need to say it. He said it himself. It`s where the fun ends.

* * *

Seth was going first, leading the way. I could trace from the dark his even muscles from his sweatshirt. I was even tempted to hug him, but it would spoil the fun I need.
For more convincing act before going to the living room, I tugged his sleeves and stopped moving. "Seth, I`m scared," I whispered, and my voice even cracked. I gulped the urge to laugh.
He turned back slowly and seemed to calculate hard for a deeply comforting reply. "Don`t worry, Liliane. I`ll keep you safe." He lowered his head a bit and kissed my forehead. He grabbed something on the ground, something long. Discarded piece of metal.
As the plan goes, there would be a man at the opposite end of the hallway wearing a mask and holding a sharp, now blood-dried knife. And so it went.
"AAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed and Seth ran to the man`s direction.
My eyes had already adjusted from the dark and the only source of light was the moon outside the ceiling-to-floor windows to see that the man went into the living room. I ran behind Seth, clearly can`t keep up with his long legs.
When he slowly paced on the door, I was already behind him. The door creaked open, and there went:

  • Instant flash of lights.
  • Lights on.
  • Shouts of "Happy Halloween" and "Happy Birthday Seth!"
  • Everyone was looking like a zombie. A lot of blood stains on their clothes.
And soon they were flooding Seth with hugs and pats on his back. Chaos stopped, and they waited for Seth to say something. "W-what about the guy in the fourth floor? Was that a prank?"
We all yelled, "YES!"

okay this is nonsense.

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