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Book signing event: Tahereh Mafi && Ransom Riggs!

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This post is also the one posted in my book blog in tumblr, thisisnotyourbookblog. (And I`ll post my book reviews there too. I will make this blogger my personal again because I don`t know lol I just want to.)

Meeting the woman who wanted to write about a girl with magical eyelashes and the man who wanted to have the ability to take pictures with a blink of his eyes last March 2 & 3, 2013~

“Hi, Eriele the mermaid!”

I`m sorry for the haggardness in the photos. The signings happened a dayafter prom, and I hadn`t had enough sleep…and my eyebrows look weird because prom.
There are two things you kind of need to remember:
  1. Two signings. The first day was with Tahereh Mafi at National Bookstore in Glorietta.
  2. Ransom Riggs in Fullybooked at Bonifacio High Street in the Fort.
There. On my way to prom, my friend Erycka sent me a text saying I won and I was number 4 in line on Miss Peregrine`s. Of course, I fangirl-ed for a while because there was my luck coming back again on giveaways and stuff and because NUMBER 4!!!!!! LIKE, I`M ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE RANSOM WILL TALK (besides the Q&A)
March 2, 2013.
I thought nobody would go with me, since Glorietta was far and everybody was tired after prom. But wow Lianne (And Gelo too) went with me! I was really…touched because she went with me even if she had actually nothing to do with the signing. (Actually, she had, but that`s sort of another story.) 
Anyway, yeah. We got there at 1 PM and since the registration will start at 3, we had lunch first. But omg when we came back, there were a lot of people already! I thought I wouldnt even get to reach the cut-off. But fortunately, I got in. I was number 104.  Blah blah, I`ll post some of the videos I`ve took during the Q&A soon.
I actually thought Ransom was like Tahereh`s boyfriend or something, because he was freaking tall (and so is Tahereh, and I love her shoes and really gorgeous eyelashes you can see from afar! Or okay, their shoes. And Ransom`s socks.) and he kept taking pictures of her. I like their accent. When these two are combined, it`s a team of funny and sarcastic mouths. I was surprised when it was Ransom Riggs, like, author of the (at first) creepy Miss Peregrine`s Home for Peculiar Children! I was all like, “Damn I should have brought my book with me!” But it wasn`t that I realized I was going to his signing the next day that I finally calmed down. Tahereh would do for that day.
Yada yada yada, I waited until 100-120 were called. All of the people in line with books were given a piece of paper with our names so the authors could write our names right and faster. I had my name there, and I wrote some questions on the paper in case I forgot and I usually stutter speaking in English. My questions were:
  • Do you fangirl?
  • Would you mind if I base a character on you or your characters?
  • Any tips of  killing writer`s block?
Tahereh answered them all.
  • Yes. A lot! Do you?
  • No, I would not mind if you base a character on me or my characters.
  • Just write. Keep on writing~. Don`t stop.
  • I like your earrings!
The last one wasn`t really an answer, but yeah, I guess she noticed my huge white ribbon earrings. Glad she liked it.
aND AHHHH *FLAILS* I ASKED A FAVOR IF SHE COULD DO A POSE FOR ME AND SHE SAID “Sure! I love poses!” So yeah, I did the “jeje” pose and she did too! (Ransom didn`t join us though. I thought, “He thinks he escaped? Ha! No, I`m going to see him tomorrow!)
Yes so after it, I was really hyped and happy just like after you meet someone popular and that you`ve waited for so long to meet that someone.
March 3, 2013~
This journey was truly a day to remember. Lianne and I are having serious fun and it`s like a 2-day getaway.
Yada yada, we arrived there like just on time, when all seats were occupied (because we almost got lost on our way) But no worries! Remember that I`m number 4 and ohmygod yes there was a free book! They asked if I already got my book and was like, um no, and yaaaaay they gave me one. So stay tuned, because pretty soon I`ll giveaway books. 
Side note: I met my…hmm…roleplayer partner? there! She`s the one who texted me that I won. Erycka. (Hi, gurl~. Sorry for being awkward and just stared and then laughed the moment I saw you. AND I STILL HATE YOU FOR BEING TALLER THAN ME WHEN I AM LIKE 2 OR 3 YEARS OLDER.)
So, we went around the store for a while because it has 4 floors. And while omg going to the escalator going to the third floor, RANSOM. WAS. THERE. He was talking to someone (the host of the event, as I later learned) and I stopped in my tracks and he did too. I was like, “Wait, ohmygod I know this man…OHMYGOD IT`S RANSOM.” (and while I`m typing this the feeeeeels are coming back~) I wasn`t thinking straight and I just smiled and said, “Hi,” and he said, “Hi!” HIS EYES WERE A GOOD SHADE OF BLUE I CAN`T— DRGHDRKJBHDKRTH
As I said, all seats were taken. There was some space left though on the left side, so I requested for at least 3 seats for us. I said I was fine if we can sit on the floor since that`s what I did a day before.  But they still gave us seats, and I was…I don`t know, I really appreciate them. 
Anyway, yeah, the signing started late and blah blah Erycka and I talked some random stuffs until they came. I was OHMYGOD SO CLOSE TO HIM AND CLOSER LATER OHMYGOD. I`ll upload the video of him reading aloud soon (that was cut off because ugh someone texted me).
I think I was like, the second one to get signed because I don`t know, or maybe I just didn`t notice because I was fangirling hard and trying to breathe evenly. When my turn came, O. M. G. (not really exact conversation but this is what I remember)
Me: Hi.
Ransom: Hey.
Me: I was the one who stared at you… *gestures up like the second floor lol*
Ransom: *tries to remember it* Oh.
Me: *awkwardly laughs and tries not to scream in happiness*
Ransom: Eriele. I like your name.
Me: Thanks. I was named after the mermaid. Little Mermaid.
Ransom: Oh, Hans Christian Andersen.
Me: Yeah, but on the movie. I`m just wishing that I don`t get the same ending as the original.
Ransom: Yeah. It`s sad. No one likes a sad ending.
Me: *nods while trying to suppress a smile*
And when we were about to take a picture,
Me: Hey. Could you do a pose for me too? I was the one yesterday who asked Tahereh to do the “jeje” pose.
Ransom: Sure. What do you call it again?
Me: Jeje pose. *does the pose*
Ransom: *says something that sounds like “jeje” but says it wrong because okay I don`t speak clearly and does the pose anyway*
Ransom: Sure. *stands but lol bends down a little as you could see in the photo abooooove~*
*after the picture*
Me: Thank you so muuuuch.
Ransom: No problem.
Me: Thank you thank you. Really. Bye~
Ransom: Bye~ *pats my right shoulder omg*
AND AHHH I WAS SHAKING FROM THE FEELS AND HAPPINESS AFTER IT.  I was really inspired to make a book blog and stuff and continue writing even if I`m going to take a course not related to writing.
You bet it was an amazing weekend. Prom on Friday, Tahereh Mafi (and sort of Ransom too) on Saturday, and Ransom Riggs on Sunday!
P.S. Massive thanks to Lianne. I still owe you a lot for this!

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